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Texas Healthcare Linen is a linen management company comprised of 60 fully dedicated individuals whose top priority is to process and deliver top-quality linen products and services that our customers expect, and that their patients deserve. We partner with healthcare providers and strive to assist them in facilitating a quality patient experience through the products we offer, in a cost effective, responsible manner. Our desire and commitment is to serve your needs and the needs of your patients with the quality, consistency, courtesy and care that your patients expect from you.

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What We’re About

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    THL Quality: Our linens are more than cleaned; they are literally sanitized, providing the best healing environment. Our linen reject rate is consistently under 2%.

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    THL Service: Our team is in full partnership with you. Our Linen Management Service goes beyond filling orders. If there is a concern, you will be able to contact us.

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    THL Savings: We bill for standardized linens at the actual, clean weight of delivered pounds. Non-standard items and excess linen loss would be billed on mutually agreed upon rate.