Our Facility


Clean Side

  • • 8 Milnor 300-lb. gas dryers

  • • 1 Chicago Skyline mini folder which folds bath blankets and bedspreads

  • • 2 Chicago Edge spreader/feeder which spreads and feeds flat sheets to the ironer

  • • 2 Chicago Century II 5200 thermal oil ironer which irons flatwork such as flat sheets, scrubs, OR towels, baby blankets and pillowcases

  • • 5 Air Chicago small piece folders which fold small piece items such as towels, gowns and underpads

  • • 1 American Super Pro steam ironer which irons small piece flatwork items such as baby blankets, pillowcases, OR towels and scrubs

  • • 1 Chicago Edge Max feeder which is what “feeds” the linen into the machine to be pressed/folded.

  • • 2 Chicago Pik-Quiks which “pick” the flat sheets (which come out of the dryers tangled and damp) out of the carts and feed them to staff to be more easily processed with fewer workplace injuries

  • • 4 E-Tech windup fold tables/dump stations which is where most linen is dumped into (from the E-tech rail system slings) to be fed into the folding machines

  • • Colmac jacket steamer to steam the wrinkles out of lab jackets

Soiled Side

  • • E-tech 20-station sort deck with cart dumper and break-up table to efficiently sort linen based on the product AND customer it came from. The E-tech technology and reporting capabilities allows us to be able to track the linen

  • • 2 Milnor 8-module tunnel washers (150 lbs. per module)

  • • 2 Milnor 35-bar single stage presses


  • • E-Tech railing system and RailPro 2.0 software to help us transport and manage our product while in the plant throughout the process, from sorting soiled linen to dropping clean linen to be fed into the folding machines.

  • • Ecolab technology and chemicals dispense 43 gallons of chemicals/day on average to assist us in providing clean, sanitized healthcare-grade linen to our customers.

  • • Onboard Communications FleetTraks fleet GPS tracking system to better manage our delivery routes and trucks

  • • Energenics Kartwasher to clean and sanitize transport carts

  • • 150 HP Fulton horizontal steam boilers x 2

  • • 40 HP Ingersoll Rand air compressors x 2

  • • Kemco heat reclamation system

  • • 6-slot industrial dock

General Statistics

  • • 48,000 square foot facility

  • • Currently have close to 30 contracts.

  • • On average, we produce 37,000 – 40,000 lbs. of linen per day.

  • • Sorters sort at a rate of 500 lbs. per hour per employee

  • • 42 Production Team Employees

  • • 3 Maintenance

  • • 6 Drivers

  • • 8 Leadership