Our Commitment to the Environment

Texas Healthcare Linen utilizes the following systems and procedures to reduce our carbon footprint and be more Earth-friendly and energy efficient:

Kemco Heat Reclamation System which uses heat from the outgoing water to heat up incoming water so we use less energy to heat water used to wash linen.

15 HP Max-Pak vertical baler used to bale and recycle rag-out linen, cardboard and plastic bags to reduce carbon footprint and landfill waste.

Milnor pulse-flow technology in our tunnel washers reuses water while maintaining a high level of sanitization for our linen. Due to this technology, we are able to conserve water and be more efficient. Currently, our tunnel washers uses 0.3 gallons of fresh water per pound of linen washed.

Ecolab chemical systems utilize state-of-the art research to find new ways to make the active ingredients in the chemicals come into play at lower temperatures so less steam is needed to heat the water, which decreases the amount of energy needed to clean linens.

Another small measure we take that makes a big difference over time is turning off machines, lights, climate control units, boilers and compressors when not being used or as soon as possible after their use.

What We're About

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    THL Quality: Our linens are more than cleaned; they are literally sanitized, providing the best healing environment. Our linen reject rate is consistently under 2%.

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    THL Service: Our team is in full partnership with you. Our Linen Management Service goes beyond filling orders. If there is a concern, you will be able to contact us.

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    THL Savings: We bill for standardized linens at the actual, clean weight of delivered pounds. Non-standard items and excess linen loss would be billed on mutually agreed upon rate.